Successfully managing EO, bullying and diversity in the workplace: Manager session

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As an employer, you may be held liable under vicarious liability provisions for unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying of your staff. You must take measures to prevent bullying or harassment in your workplace through a variety of interventions, such as training your staff in their rights and responsibilities.

Should an issue of concern arise or a complaint be made, you must be able to manage it through either an informal or formal approach. This course gives you the knowledge to successfully manage both scenarios, and use early intervention to stop issues arising.


3.5 hours

Learning outcomes

This program will increase your knowledge of:

  • The theoretical and practical implications of discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful harassment and bullying in your workplace
  • Expected standards of behaviour
  • What constitutes a safe, respectful and inclusive work environment
  • Your own responsibility and accountability for your behaviour
  • Relevant legislation
  • What constitutes unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Your responsibilities as a manager or supervisor
  • How to handle a complaint and the options available to resolve it


This course is suited to anyone who has management and supervisory responsibilities.

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