The effective new manager

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23 Jan 2017 TLMEM1701
Melbourne $935.00 $1125.00
13 Feb 2017 TLMEM1702
Melbourne $935.00 $1125.00
20 Mar 2017 TLMEM1703
Melbourne $935.00 $1125.00
20 Apr 2017 TLMEM1704
Melbourne $935.00 $1125.00
04 May 2017 TLMEM1711
Shepparton $935.00 $1125.00
17 May 2017 TLMEM1709
Geelong $935.00 $1125.00
29 May 2017 TLMEM1705
Melbourne $935.00 $1125.00
30 May 2017 TLMEM1710
Bendigo $935.00 $1125.00
08 Jun 2017 TLMEM1707
Narre Warren $935.00 $1125.00
26 Jun 2017 TLMEM1706
Melbourne $935.00 $1125.00

Leadership is based on a relationship of trust. People in leadership positions and especially those who are new to leadership positions, need to learn how to gain new skills and move from the technical and hands-on work to managing and leading others to achieve their objectives and goals. This two-day interactive course will help you to understand your style, role and relationships in the workplace, and how it impacts on the effectiveness of your team.


Two days


This course is suited to those who are - or soon will be - responsible for achieving results through the leadership of others.

Learning outcomes

This program will increase your knowledge of:

  • Your personal leadership style
  • How to set team goals and delegate effectively
  • Strategies to communicate well, motivate your team, give feedback and address performance issues
  • How to make confident decisions and problem solve.

Learning pathway

This program forms part of our leadership development pathway designed to foster contemporary leadership capabilities over a period of time. The pathway includes The effective new manager, Day-to-day management and supervision of staff and From manager to leader courses. This course also offers a great pathway to the Diploma of Management.

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