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Day-to-day management and supervision of staff

$AUD 595.00 (no GST applicable)

Day to Day Management and Supervision of Staff (TLMDD1718)


Course dates

This course is run over 1 session(s):

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Course Location

Lakeview Motor Inn, Bendigo
286 Napier Street
Bendigo, VIC 3550

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Course Overview

You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to effectively handle difficult situations and have the confidence to hold professional discussions and achieve positive results.

This course gives practical tips and tools for ensuring a consistent and fair approach to changing staff behaviours associated with poor performance, motivation and conflict.


One day

Our leadership development pathway, which includes all three courses, is five days of face-to-face workshops.


This course is aimed at those responsible for team leadership and performance.

Learning outcomes

This course will increase your knowledge of:

  • Proven methods for optimising your team’s results, including navigating problems of poor performance in a systematic way
  • Consistency and fairness in decision-making
  • Managing performance to achieve better results
  • How to have the ‘difficult’ conversation
  • How to identify underlying causes of poor performance and behaviour
  • How to discipline staff appropriately, including conducting interviews and maintaining documentation

Learning pathway

This program forms part of our leadership development pathway designed to foster contemporary leadership capabilities over a period of time. The pathway includes The effective new manager, Day-to-day management and supervision of staff and From manager to leader courses.

If you’re new to a leadership role, we recommend you build on your experience over 12-18 months by attending each course in the order presented. If you’re an experienced manager, you can enter the pathway at any stage by choosing the program that best reflects your learning needs. This course also offers a great pathway to the Diploma of Management.

Alternative Dates/Locations for this course

Date Code Suburb or town Member Non-member Register
20 Nov 2017 TLMDD1715
Melbourne $495.00 $595.00
18 Dec 2017 TLMDD1716
Melbourne $495.00 $595.00
22 Jan 2018 TLMDD1801
Melbourne $495.00 $595.00
19 Feb 2018 TLMDD1802
Melbourne $495.00 $595.00
01 Mar 2018 TLMDD1807
Bendigo $495.00 $595.00
13 Mar 2018 TLMDD1808
Traralgon $495.00 $595.00
19 Mar 2018 TLMDD1803
Melbourne $495.00 $595.00
23 Mar 2018 TLMDD1810
Shepparton $495.00 $595.00
06 Apr 2018 TLMDD1809
Ballarat $495.00 $595.00
20 Apr 2018 TLMDD1804
Melbourne $495.00 $595.00

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