The working parent resilience program

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18 Oct 2016 TPEWP1602
Melbourne $450.00 $540.00


One day


This course is suited to working parents who want to learn how to get greater control over their day-to- day lifestyle and better align their personal and professional lives. It is also suitable for parents who have returned to work after parental leave or an extended absence from the workforce.

If you are a HR manager, this course is an excellent way to enhance your ‘Return to Work’ program and increase retention after maternity leave.

Learning outcomes

This course will increase your knowledge of how to:

  • handle guilt – accept it, deal with it and move on
  • align values - identify and align personal and professional values
  • build self awareness - who am I, now I am a parent in the workforce?
  • create a lifestyle recipe – putting it all together to create a lifestyle that works for you, your family and your employer
  • manage your energy and time – how do I fit it all in and stay awake?


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