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Victorian Infrastructure Plan

The Victorian Government recently released the Victorian Infrastructure Plan, its response to Infrastructure Victoria’s inaugural 30-year infrastructure strategy.

The Victorian Chamber has long called for more strategic approach to infrastructure planning and strongly supported the establishment of Infrastructure Victoria as an independent body to provide advice on key infrastructure priorities and projects.

Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year strategy was delivered in 2016 following a rigorous 12 month consultation and development process to which the Victorian Chamber made multiple submissions.

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan supports, or supports in principle, the majority of Infrastructure Victoria’s 137 recommendations and maps out the Victorian Government’s current infrastructure program and plans against Infrastructure Victoria’s priorities.

The plan includes key projects that will benefit business including the Melbourne Metro Tunnel, the North East link, the West Gate Tunnel Project and regional rail upgrades.

Only two of Infrastructure Victoria’s recommendations were rejected, relating to the implementation of cost-reflective energy pricing and transport network pricing.

This work is vital to ensuring that strategic infrastructure planning goes beyond the short-term political cycle. The Victorian Chamber looks forward to ongoing engagement with the Government to define, prioritise and progress the long-term infrastructure needs of all Victorians.

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