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A new report from Safe Work Australia

Submitted on Thursday, 9th November 2017

A new report from Safe Work Australia emphasises the importance of the effective management of workers’ compensations claims, highlighting particular benefits in relation to psychological injury claims.

According to the report Return to work in psychological injury claims, contacting workers with psychological injuries in the days after they make a workers' compensation claim can speed up their return to work. Employer assistance before the claim was lodged, lack of worry about claim lodgement, and avoiding disputes were all associated with substantially better return to work results.

77 per cent of workers who made a psychological injury workers' compensation claim in the two years prior to the interview period, whose employers contacted them within three days of lodging the claim, were back at work when the survey was conducted.

Among workers who were not contacted by their workplace, only 53 per cent were at work at the time of the survey.

More generally, 79 per cent of workers who considered their employers responded positively to their injury were working by the time the survey was conducted, compared to 52 per cent who didn't.

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