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Aboriginal partnerships helping organisations do business in Victoria

Submitted on Tuesday, 10th July 2012

Kinaway – Victoria’s Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce – can assist all Victorian businesses tendering for federal government contracts to adhere to compulsory Indigenous Opportunities Policy (IOP) requirements through an Associate Membership package.
The Federal Government’s IOP now requires all organisations to have an Indigenous Training, Employment and Supplier plan if they are tendering through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) for projects involving expenditure of more than $5 million in regions where there are significant Indigenous populations.
“The revised policy is designed to provide better opportunities through government contract arrangements for Indigenous people in Indigenous significant populated areas,” says Kinaway General Manager Simon Tengende.
“This involves consultation and a plan for providing training and employment opportunities to local Indigenous communities, and for the use of Indigenous suppliers that are small and medium enterprises.
“Kinaway has developed an Associate Membership to help all Victorian organisations to develop meaningful relationships with Aboriginal businesses in Victoria and take advantage of this new policy stance.
“As a peak body representing the Aboriginal business community, Kinaway has more than 120 Aboriginal business members and up to 210 further Aboriginal businesses contacts in Victoria who our Associate Members can connect with through our networking and business events.
“Kinaway also produces regular communications through platforms including its website, newsletters and social media outlets, which offer invaluable business information to all members.
“Kinaway partners with many organisations on the DEEWR and Indigenous Business Australia supplier panels, with these partnerships to date being beneficial to all involved, particularly Aboriginal business suppliers who are prospering from initiatives such as this.
“Organisations can significantly benefit from a partnership with Kinaway to gain greater insight into Aboriginal business and to progress the Aboriginal economic participation and empowerment agenda.”


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