Small details make for a big career advantage

Georgia Odgers has recently completed her Bachelor of Business, majoring in management and marketing at La Trobe University. She joined Goulburn River Valley Tourism as part of the Victorian Chamber internship program.

What did you learn during your internship and how did it benefit you and the organisation?

The internship was a fantastic learning experience. When I started the internship I was given two of my own projects to complete. From this, I have developed a greater understanding of the military product (the Australian Army’s Puckapunyal military area is located in this region) and events within the region. During other activities, I feel I have gained deeper knowledge about the Goulburn River Valley area, and the way in which Goulburn River Valley Tourism works for the regions. 

I have learnt many things in relation to social media marketing. Not only on the social media sites but on using applications in relation to the sites. I really enjoyed having the freedom to create and upload content to discover what worked well, or what didn’t. The opportunity to work on developing a new website for Goulburn River Valley Tourism was a great learning experience. To see what happens behind the scenes, and once again having the ability to choose content such as photos was an opportunity I had never had before. 

The internship benefited myself, but I also feel I made a contribution to the organisation.

I have been able to help out with smaller tasks that may not seem necessarily important or difficult in the scheme of things but have been an opportunity for me. For example, organising the board retreat. The projects I was given to complete during my internship, I felt were important for the region and the work of the organisation. Helping out at the Goulburn River Valley Tourism stand at the Melbourne Caravan and Camping Show, helped me to see that I had developed a good understanding of the area, and it was something different to be involved in.  

I have contributed to Goulburn River Valley Tourism’s social media channels, especially Instagram. I feel I have helped to create further consumer engagement. 

Lastly, I was able to bring fresh eyes and opinions to the organisation, feeling that my input was appreciated. This was especially relevant during the website development, and when Goulburn River Valley Tourism was designing a new logo.

How do you feel the internship experience has impacted on your professional and personal development?

The most valuable lesson was the opportunity to take theory learnt during my degree and apply it to a work setting in a corporate organisation. Rather than only having knowledge about an organisational activity, I now have had involvement in actually completing the task.

I feel the internship has improved my level of professionalism. While I have always believed I conduct myself in a professional manner, I have become aware of smaller details that are important when working within a corporate organisation.

In what ways do you feel the internship experience will assist your transition from Higher Education into employment post-graduation?

I feel that the internship experience has aided in my development of relevant work-ready skills. When I look at potential jobs, and the position descriptions, I now can see that I have at least have had some experience in relevant areas.

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