About us

Working together as one team to achieve our mission, our values are:

Member First

  • We are the voice of our members. We stand up for them and represent their interests.
  • We exceed member expectations through thought leadership, influential advocacy and practical, competitive business solutions.
  • We truly understand their businesses, needs and ambitions, so that we can serve and support them.
  • Every interaction with our members is characterised by our standard of excellence.
  • Our credibility as an organisation strengthens with every member we support.

One Team

  • We build strong networks across the business and make it our priority to know what’s going on (in and outside our teams).
  • Our teams talk to each other regularly, make decisions collaboratively and work together.
  • Everything we do has the organisation’s best interests at heart.
  • Due to the interdependence of our teams, we understand the importance of being able to rely on each other to achieve success.
  • We share and celebrate success across the whole organisation and are consistent in the way we reward and recognise achievements.

Inspire and earn trust

  • We can trust and rely on each other to get things done. We know our roles and are accountable for our actions.
  • We can confidently ask our members to trust us, because we trust each other.
  • We constructively challenge each other and welcome direct conversations.
  • We don’t accept mediocrity and offer help where needed. We openly acknowledge when we’ve made an honest mistake, and learn from our mistakes so that we don’t repeat them.
  • We regularly seek and give honest and constructive feedback.

Challenge the status quo

  • We strive to be nimble, agile and responsive to business needs.
  • We challenge ourselves and each other to think differently about our role and how we can change to better support our members.
  • We anticipate the challenges our members face and offer creative solutions that meet their evolving needs.

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