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The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Victorian Chamber) is the largest and most influential not-for-profit business organisation in Victoria, informing and supporting 47,000 members and clients across our great state. During these challenging business conditions, we provide programs, information and support to members and non-members to ensure a diverse and robust business community in Victoria.

About us

Our Apprenticeship Support Australia division is focused on lifting apprenticeship commencement and completion rates through the provision of support for both apprentice and employer at every stage of the employment cycle.

The Victorian Chamber continues to uphold our commitment to being the most trusted advocate for Victorian business ensuring our members' and the broader business communities' voices are heard and considered. Throughout the pandemic, we have had significant influence on the business support packages that the State and Federal Governments have delivered - and have also had significant input in helping shape the agenda regarding easing of restrictions for business. Our support in this space has ensured that many businesses have survived, and employees have remained connected to their jobs.

We continue to partner with the State Government to successfully deliver the Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring Program - and also a range of mental health resources and services to support Victorian SMEs who employ young workers under the Mental Health Essentials program. The Chamber has secured various other Government support contracts which we are excited to implement over the coming months.

Our team provides ongoing input into many government policies affecting the Victorian business community via submissions received by both the State and Federal Governments. We look forward to continuing to proudly champion business' needs and interests well into the future.

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New Memberships for wherever you are in business New Memberships for wherever you are in business

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