Migration and visas

Making it easier to bring skills to Australia

Making it easier to bring skills to Australia

If you experience a skills shortage you can broaden your search to international job candidates on a subclass 482 visa or a subclass 400 visa.

To employ foreign workers who may be overseas or already in Australia, you must ensure they hold an eligible visa and know their visa status if you wish to employ them long term. To make sure you avoid costly and damaging mistakes, you need accurate and relevant advice.

Our migration and visa service provides consulting for corporate and individual immigration and visa matters. We'll answer your questions, provide tailored solutions to meet your needs, and guide you through the entire migration and visa process.

Australian employers

The Victorian Chamber’s migration and visa service provides clear and practical advice to help you:

  • determine your organisation’s eligibility to sponsor overseas skilled workers
  • make sure both you and your potential employees understand legal obligations
  • prepare documents and lodge nomination and visa applications
  • monitor entire application process
  • liaise with, and respond to, immigration authorities
  • keep up to date with changes in immigration
  • legislation, policies and proceduresdeal with other relevant migration and visa issues

Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa

The Temporary Skill Shortage subclass 482 visa (TSS) is the most common work visa used by Australian employers hiring genuinely skilled overseas workers to meet skill gaps in the local labour market.

There are three stages to applying for this visa:

  1. A sponsorship by the employer.
  2. A nomination application for a skilled position by the employer.
  3. The nominated prospective employee applies for the subclass 482 visa (and accompanying family members where applicable).

If you are sponsoring and nominating a foreign worker you must meet certain obligations to ensure they are not exploited and to demonstrate that the visa is being used to meet genuine skills shortages.

Key considerations when sponsoring overseas employees on subclass 482 visas include:

  • Remuneration (market rate salary)
  • Skills
  • Labour market testing
  • Health and character
  • English skills

Temporary Work (Short-Stay Activity) Subclass 400 visa

The Temporary Work (Short-Stay Activity) subclass 400 visa is for highly specialised workers from overseas to do non-ongoing work in Australia within a limited timeframe. The nature of the work must need skills from overseas that cannot be reasonably sourced locally.

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Victorian Chamber has provided services to sustain and grow Victorian businesses and in turn, the Victorian economy for over 160 years.

Victorian Chamber Global is a specialised team which provides consultation on international trade opportunities to established Victorian businesses, bringing together some of Australia’s most well-regarded import and export professionals.

The team can provide one-off consultations, or guide businesses through the entire international trade process including:

  • evaluating a client's business and identifying opportunities for import or export
  • providing reports identifying potential partners
  • conducting training
  • arranging and hosting international trade missions
  • identifying appropriate documentation
  • acting as project manager on the ground in selected regions
  • evaluating and refining the import or export process and providing ongoing guidance.
  • In total, the Victorian Chamber Global team has over 60 years’ experience in helping businesses identify and take advantage of the opportunities provided by import and export to improve business sustainability and achieve growth.

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Migration and visas