Workplace Relations Consulting

Workplace Relations Consulting

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Richard Williams
General Manager Workplace Relations (Acting) 

Richard has twelve years’ experience in senior Human Resource Management and Workplace Relations roles in large, highly unionised, complex environments, including lead roles in enterprise bargaining. Richard also has more than seven years’ experience working in specialist Industrial Relations roles for employer associations. Richard has worked in the higher education, manufacturing and local government sectors and has managed a wide range of industrial and employment related matters at the workplace level and before external tribunals. Richard is known for his level-headed and outcome-focused approach to complex employment issues.

Amy Bell
Principal Workplace Relations Consultant 
Amy is a non-practising lawyer with 10 years’ experience. She has worked closely with employers, advising them on contracts, drafting policies, disciplinary action, dispute settlement, negotiation, restructures and redundancies. She has represented employers at the Fair Work Commission, the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory and the Federal Court of Australia. Amy has also trained senior staff and HR managers about unfair dismissal, the use and implementation of policies, and the bullying jurisdiction of the Fair Work Commission.
Nicholas Barkatsas
Principal Workplace Relations Consultant 
Nicholas has experience giving strategic advice on a range of workplace and industrial relations matters, including legislation, awards and enterprise bargaining. He also represents employers at tribunal hearings and conferences. Nicholas has a strong ability to dissect complex employment scenarios for his clients and give them practical advice. Nicholas has a wide range of private sector experience, having worked for a large labour hire company, a community legal centre and a public transport operator. He was recently admitted to legal practice.
Thomas Page
Senior Workplace Relations Consultant

One of our key advocates, Tom has more than nine years’ experience specialising in workplace relations. He has extensive experience supporting and representing small, medium and large businesses before the Fair Work Commission. Since joining in 2008, he has managed an impressive portfolio of work including enterprise bargaining and agreement making; unfair dismissal, general protections and anti-bullying advocacy; workplace investigations; and the provision of strategic advice and assistance on a range of matters including equal opportunity and redundancy. Tom’s focus is on assisting the Victorian Chamber’s members achieve timely and commercially sensible outcomes. Tom’s ability to translate complex issues into simple terms has contributed to making him a most trusted and widely respected Senior Workplace Relations Consultant.


Katie Tofters
Senior Workplace Relations Consultant

Katie has over seven years’ experience in human resources and more than 10 years’ experience in business management. Katie has worked as a national HR advisor at aglobal company, where she provided services to a network of over 3,000 employees in Australia. Katie has consulted to a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, transport, food, and fitness. Her work experience and qualifications ensures Katie can provide sophisticated and tailored solutions for any business.

Kate Connellan
Senior Workplace Relations Consultant

Kate has over ten years’ experience in heavy industries including construction, law enforcement and on the waterfront – highly challenged, heavily unionised environments. Kate has held senior roles in HR and prides herself on her practical and humanistic approach. Kate is a trusted adviser on employee welfare and engagement issues, conflict resolution, training programs, investigations, and work culture. She has experience in large scale enterprise bargaining negotiations and representation of employers in a range of jurisdictions for complex workplace complaints and claims.

Kayla Tucker
Workplace Relations Consultant

Kayla has worked to support small, medium and large businesses with a range of workplace matters. She advises employers on all aspects of the employment relationship, providing tailored strategic advice. She has developed a highly specialised practice in the social and community sector, focusing on award interpretation and compliance. Her extensive experience in equal opportunity laws, workplace investigations and enterprise bargaining ensures she can deliver a timely and constructive outcome for our members’ workplace. A confident advocate at the Fair Work Commission, Kayla regularly represents our members in relation to unfair dismissal and general protections matters. Her professionalism and ability to communicate complex matters distinguish her as a trusted Workplace Relations Consultant. 

Caitlin Haynes
Workplace Relations Consultant

Caitlin has over 4 years’ experience in human resources and has a postgraduate qualification in Human Resources and Industrial Relations.  Caitlin’s previous experience includes working abroad for a global organisation and has worked as a Workplace Relations Helpline Advisor with the Victorian Chamber. Caitlin brings valuable experience in a range workplace relations matters and specialises in wage audits and underpayments, award and agreement interpretation, performance management and terminations and training.  She has a strong interest in equal opportunity, harassment and bullying.
Raini Garrett
Workplace Relations Consultant
Raini has over 10 years’ experience in diverse Human Resources positions within State Government and has solid knowledge and proficiency in Learning and Development, Recruitment and HR Operations. Raini has provided consultancy advice, coaching and support to managers and staff in relation to a broad range of employment issues ranging from underperformance and conduct, policy interpretation to the application of employment agreements and consultation with unions. 
Cath Pollard
Workplace Relations Consultant
Cath is a lawyer who has specialised in industrial relations and employment related matters for 15 years. Cath provides industrial and employee relations assistance to private and public organisations across a range of industries, including mining and resources, energy and chemicals, transport, construction, health, retail, manufacturing and associated industries. Cath appears as an advocate in the Fair Work Commission in claims made under the Fair Work Act including unfair dismissal and general protections claims, industrial disputes and enterprise bargaining.

Helen Hogan
Workplace Relations Helpline Manager 

Helen has extensive recruiting experience in the finance sector.

She worked for two years as an advisor with an interstate member organisation assisting small, medium and large businesses with employee relations before joining the Victorian Chamber in 2010 as an advisor to the workplace relations helpline. Subsequently she moved into a senior advisor’s role and now manages the Workplace Relations Helpline.

Lisa Burrell
General Manager Workplace Relations
(Currently on parental leave)

Lisa has a diverse professional background, having previously worked in workplace relations roles in public transport, tourism, state government and ASX listed companies prior to joining the Victorian Chamber in 2009. Lisa holds postgraduate qualifications in law.





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Workplace Relations consulting team

Our Workplace Relations consulting team incorporates a team of over 20 Workplace Relations, Human Resources and Equal Opportunity professionals. The Victorian Chamber’s legal firm, CCI Lawyers , ensures that a full range of services is available to our clients for a cost effective ‘end-to-end’ solution, no matter what your employment issue.

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