Managing Cyber Awareness In The Workplace

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31 Jul 2018 TBFMC1801
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The average cost of cyber-crime to Australian businesses is now estimated to be over $5.6 million per incident.

And the biggest cyber threat may be inside your organisation.

Australia's new Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme means that if your business has a turnover of more thn $3 million, you could face fines of up to $2.1 million for failing to report data breaches. Before 22 February 2018, reporting was voluntary.

In the first three weeks of the NDB scheme being introduced, the Herald Sun reported that "31 companies had been forced to report major data breaches".

The threats and risks to businesses online seem endless. But if you think cyber risk is just an IT issue, then think again. People actually cause the majority of internal cyber failures with many of these doing so unwittingly. The Cyber security breaches survey 2017 reveals that 72% of reported cases of cyber security breaches occur from a staff member receiving a fraudulent email. And, surprisingly, only 20% of staff surveyed had attended any form of cyber security training.

The Victorian Chamber, in conjunction with Fortinet, HR Global Solutions and Cyber Legal Solutions, is providing this workshop to ensure you and your key people are up to date with these new legislative changes. The wokshop will include opportunities to discuss your own specific issues with industry experts, including an overview of practical tips on:

-Cyber risk mitigation;

-Workplace cyber policies and procedures; and

-Undertaking a 'privileged' investigation


All workshop participants will receive a free Notifiable Data Breaches Toolkit and Fortinet will undertake a risk assessment of your business, at no cost.



This course is suited to business owners, directors, CEOs, HR Managers, Risk Managers or anyone responsible for ensuring cyber risk is managed across the business.

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