Advocacy and representation skills in the Fair Work Commission

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05 Mar 2019 TWRAR1901
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Claims are on the rise and almost every business will face either the risk or reality of a claim at some stage. Having a thorough understanding of Commission processes can add an extra level of confidence when you represent and advocate for your business at a hearing.

Our experienced consultants have appeared in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) over 500 times and can take the stress out of a claim. During this practical program, our consultants will share their secrets and experience to help you put your best foot forward in defending claims.


One day

Learning outcomes

During this program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • the type of claims the FWC deals with
  • how to prepare for a hearing
  • styles of advocacy
  • ‘reading’ the matter as it unfolds and responding accordingly
  • how you can best defend your business and keep costs down
  • how to prepare for cross examination
  • how to prepare witnesses
  • common issues


This course is for lawyers, business managers, in-house representatives or HR professionals who are familiar with how to respond to claims but want to develop their representation skills.

Learning pathway

This course is part of the Employee relations pathway, which raises awareness of employment law and gives you strategies and advice to help ensure your organisation meets its workplace responsibilities. The pathway also includes:

Investigations in the Workplace

Employment law - a practical perspective 


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