Successfully managing EO, bullying and diversity in the workplace: Employee session

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Successfully Managing EO, Bullying and Diversity within the Workplace - Employee Session (TWREE1901)


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Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Level 2, 150 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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Course Overview

The course outlines your responsibilities and rights around equal opportunity as an employee. You’ll come away with a clear understanding of your role in creating a work environment that is free of harassment and bullying.


Two hours

Learning outcomes

This program will increase your knowledge of:

  • The theoretical and practical implications of discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful harassment and bullying in your workplace
  • Expected standards of behaviour
  • What constitutes a safe, respectful and inclusive work environment
  • Your own responsibility and accountability for your behaviour
  • Relevant legislation
  • What constitutes unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • The responsibilities and obligations of your manager
  • The options available to resolve issues or complaints


This course is suited to all employees of any organisation.

Alternative Dates/Locations for this course

Date Code Suburb or town Member Non-member Register
29 Apr 2019 TWREE1901
Melbourne $295.00 $350.00

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