Manager as Coach

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02 May 2019 TLMMC1901
Melbourne $1,075.00 $1290.00

The ability to coach is a core competence for today’s managers.

It requires managers to understand their own behavioural patterns, their leadership style, and the effect they have on those around them, to get the best out of their team.

While coaching can help you manage and motivate, retain key staff and deliver results through the success of your people, the skills required - listening and receiving feedback from individuals, and identifying clear and relevant directions for their personal development - may not come naturally.

This course will provide the opportunity to reflect on your leadership style and give you skills to effectively coach your team for improved productivity and performance. It includes a DISCflex behavioural assessment which will be completed before the course.


This course is suited to supervisors, team leaders and managers who are looking to work on:

Developing your leadership skills

  • Boost your confidence and coaching prowess in dealing with their team
  • Building a culture to retain the right people
  • Exploring ways of giving empowering and enabling feedback to their team
  • Understanding current strategies for managing and developing the performance of others

Learning outcomes

During this program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • Your personal leadership style and behavioural preferences
  • The coaching model
  • How coaching is applied to different situations
  • Acknowledging your coaching and feedback skills
  • Developing the assertive skills in coaching situations
  • Using practical listening and questioning techniques
  • Devising strategies to ensure staff ownership and accountability
  • Planning and undertaking coaching of staff

Learning pathway

This program forms part of our leadership development pathway designed to foster contemporary leadership capabilities over a period of time. The pathway includes The effective new managerDay-to-day management and supervision of staff, Coaching fundamentals and From manager to leader courses. This course also offers a great pathway to the Diploma of Leadership and Management.

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