Introduction to WorkCover management

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01 Mar 2019 TOHIW1901
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17 Jun 2019 TOHIW1902
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To manage an injured workers’ return to work well requires more than simply sending off the paperwork to your Agent. You must monitor the progress of claims and injuries, liaise with key parties and ensure WorkCover claims are managed efficiently to minimise liabilities and maximise bottom line considerations.

This program gives you a basic understanding of the WorkCover scheme, including how to manage claims and implement strategies by working with an Authorised WorkCover Agent.


One day

Learning outcomes

During this program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • The workers’ compensation scheme and the key stakeholder's roles and responsibilities
  • Your legislative responsibilities and obligations under the Act
  • Determining a worker's entitlement to compensation
  • How to calculate weekly benefits and pre-injury average weekly earnings
  • Understanding an injured worker's rights and obligations under the Act
  • The return to work process and the dispute resolution process
  • The role of the Authorised WorkCover Agent and effective strategies for dealing with Agents


This course is suited to:

  • Payroll officers
  • HR officers
  • Nominated WorkCover and return to work coordinators
  • Anyone responsible for the administration and management of WorkCover issues

Learning pathway

This course is part of the Return to work pathway designed to give Return to work coordinators an in-depth understanding of employer obligations regarding occupational rehabilitation and injured workers’ return to work.

The pathway includes Introduction to WorkCover Management and WorkSafe Victoria-endorsed role of a return to work coordinator

If you’re a new Return to work coordinator, we recommend you build on your experience by doing each course in the order presented. If you’re an experienced a Return to work coordinator, you can enter the pathway at any stage by choosing the program that best reflects your learning needs.

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