Building Resilience

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01 Apr 2019 TPEME1901
Melbourne $295.00 $350.00
Learn to control the way you respond to things that happen in the workplace and build resilience through a combination of self-awareness and self-management strategies and techniques.

Half day

Learning outcomes
During this program you will learn how to:
  1. Build resilience through Increase self-awareness about emotions 
  2. Improved stress management 
  3. Improve positive responses to workplace challenges such as change and conflict 
  4. Move away from automatic reaction for enhanced decision-making ability 
  5. Practice mindfulness and other calming techniques
  6. Increase feelings of wellbeing
This course is suited to anyone at any levels within the organisation that wish to build the skills and resources to effectively manage stress, improve focus and attention, strengthen self-awareness, and increase feelings of wellbeing. 

This course is facilitated by a registered psychologist.

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