Diploma of Work Health and Safety (BSB51315)

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If you wish to register for the Diploma of WHS you must contact Victorian Chamber on 03 8662 5333 or download and complete a registration form and an eligibility and student declaration (PDF, 213KB) and a Pre Training Evaluation Form. Students commencing courses on or after the 1st January 2015 will need to provide their USIDownload the USI information sheet (PDF, 47 KB). The USI Privacy Notice is available here. Download the USI Privacy NoticeOnline Registrations will not be accepted.

Why we developed this program

Effective management of WHS in any workplace is critical and can lead to benefits such as lower workers’ compensation costs, reduced workplace incidents, improved productivity outcomes and an increased sense of safety and morale for employees.

The Diploma of Work Health and Safety is specifically designed for Managers/Supervisors and those who need to design, develop, implement, coordinate and/or maintain meaningful and effective workplace OHS practices and programs.

Victorian Chamber’s Diploma of WHS program provides understanding how to successfully develop and maintain fully integrated WHS systems including the development and implementation of strategic and action oriented operational plans. It also explains planning and the implementation of plans, in conjunction with an effective WHS risk management program, need to be supported by workplace monitoring and proper incident investigation procedures to ensure ongoing continual improvement.

Victorian Chamber’s Diploma of WHS program blends theory with practice through its focus on workplace learning. This ensures relevance to your particular situation and business and enables you to put OHS management theory into practice.

Who should attend:

Managers and supervisors, HR staff or those with injury management functions within an organisation who wish to gain more specialised OHS knowledge.

This course is also relevant for OHS Managers, OHS Practitioners, OHS Officers and OHS Consultants wishing to formalise their work experience prior to undertaking professional organisation challenge assessments.

Enrolment Requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • Due to the practical nature of this course, it is highly recommend that participants are employed or otherwise engaged*

* Assessment assistance may be provided if this requirement cannot be met

Entry requirements

The Diploma of WHS has compulsory entry requirements that must be met prior to the student’s enrolment, as follows:

All five core units of the BSB41415 Certificate IV in WHS or equivalent competencies (equivalent competencies are predecessors to these units which have been mapped as equivalent)

The core units of the current Certificate IV in WHS are listed below:

BSBWHS402 Assist with compliance with WHS laws
BSBWHS403 Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes
BSBWHS404 Contribute to WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
BSBWHS405 Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS management systems
BSBWHS406 Assist with responding to incidents

To address these requirements, participants must submit a certified copy of their Certificate or Statement of Attainment and Transcript of Results together with their course application.

For participants who hold earlier versions of the Certificate IV in WHS/ OHS (i.e. BSB41412 or BSB41407), meeting the entry requirements will depend on the units they have achieved as part of their qualification.

The course trainer will assess the documents provided and advise if the entry requirements have been met or they may contact you to discuss this further.

Participants who are unable to meet the entry requirements in the Diploma of WHS at this stage, may choose to start building their WHS skills and knowledge by completing first the Certificate IV in WHS. For more details click here.

Pathways into the qualification 
Preferred pathways for participants considering this qualification include:

  • BSB41415 (or BSB41412) Certificate IV in WHS or other relevant qualifications;
  • extensive vocational experience in work health and safety roles, without a formal qualification
  • o Meeting the entry requirements is compulsory for all participants.

Pathways to completion and further studies
Pathways to completion of this qualification include:

  • Course attendance and assessment
  • RPL / Credit Transfer for partial or full qualification
  • A combination of the above

Units completed in this program may be credited towards other qualifications through a national recognition process. After achieving this qualification participants may undertake BSB60615 Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety.

Note: This qualification or specific units may satisfy some requirements for WHS skills and practising advisors. Persons seeking certification should check the requirements with the certifying bodies.

There are 9 units to be studied in the Diploma of WHS, as follows:

BSBWHS502  Manage effective WHS consultation and participation processes
BSBWHS503  Contribute to the systematic management of WHS risk
BSBWHS504  Manage WHS risks
BSBWHS505  Investigate WHS incidents
BSBWHS506  Contribute to developing, implementing and maintaining WHS management systems
BSBWHS507  Contribute to managing WHS information systems
BSBWHS509 Facilitate the development and use of risk-management tools
BSBWHS510 Contribute to implementing emergency procedures
BSBWHS409 Assist with workplace monitoring processes

Workshop Delivery Schedule
1 day per fortnight over 15 weeks


For the successful completion of this qualification, participants must complete a series of workshop and workplace-based assessment tasks. Assessment tasks must be submitted within twelve months from the last unit delivery date. Participants should allow approximately 8 hours per week to complete the self-directed learning and assessment tasks.

The assessment tasks for the units in this qualification require access to specific WHS documentation and equipment, as well as an organisational environment that requires some form of WHS legislative compliance. The assessment activities will require the application of skills and knowledge:

  • Through implementing and managing hazard identification, monitoring and control procedures and processes in a real workplace environment
  • Through development and implementation of specific plans and tools
  • In consultation and communication
  • Through developing, implementing and maintaining WHS management system and WHS information system.

Course Fees 

Full Fee Paying Students 2018
Victorian Chamber Member - $3,200
Non-Member - $3,840

Government Subsidised Places 2018*
2018 Tuition Fee - $850

Other Course Fees

Concession Fees
Concession fees may be available (conditions apply)
Click here for Concession Fees

Payment must be received following the approval of your registration form to secure a place in a course.

Eligibility for a Government Subsidised Place under the Skill First Program 2018

To be eligible for government subsidised training, applicants must be:

  • An Australian citizen; or a holder of a permanent visa; or a New Zealand citizen; AND
  • A resident of Victoria for the duration of the course; AND
  • Aged 18-19 (i.e. under 20) years of age on 1st January in the year of the course commencement; OR
  • Aged 20 years or over on 1st January in the year the course commencement, and you are enrolling in a qualification that is at a higher level than your highest qualification held (‘upskilling’);

Other eligibility criteria

In addition to meeting the above requirements, an individual is only eligible to:

  • Commence a maximum of two government subsidised courses in a calendar year, including if one of the subsidised courses you’re enrolled in is scheduled to commence later in the year;
  • Undertake a maximum of two government subsidised courses at any one time;
  • Commence a maximum of two government subsidised courses at the same level in your lifetime

Eligibility exemptions for people under particular arrangementsClick here to download (PDF, 41KB)

Pre-Training Review

Part of the enrolment process, Victorian Chamber must conduct a Pre-Training Review of current competencies including language, literacy and numeracy skills. The Pre-Training Review must:

a) identify any competencies previously acquired (Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) or Credit Transfer);
b) ascertain the most appropriate qualification for each student to enrol in, including consideration of the likely job outcomes from the development of new competencies and skills; and
c) ascertain that the proposed learning strategies and materials are appropriate for each participant

Participants are required to download and complete the Pre-Training Review Form, and submit it together with the Registration Form and any other necessary documents. Feedback will be provided within two weeks from your course Registration being approved.

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Course Overview

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How to register

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Alternatively, contact the Victorian Chamber on 8662 5333 for more information or download a PDF
Victorian Chamber accredited courses registration form. If you are applying for a government subsidised place, you must also complete, sign and submit the Eligibility and Student Declaration Form (PDF, 210KB).

People with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Students participating in this program should note that they may be contacted and requested to participate in a National Centre for Vocational Education Research survey or a Department-endorsed project or audit or review.

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.

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