Connect: Member Benefits Program

Connect app
Connect is the Victorian Chamber's member benefits program. As a Victorian Chamber member you can login, download the app and access a wide range of offers to help make life both inside and outside of work much cheaper!

With significant discounts across business services and lifestyle offers, Connect provides you with a one-stop-shop of savings. Enjoy exclusive offers related to fuel and energy as well as discounts across box office, movie tickets and gift cards covering groceries, fuel, retail, entertainment and travel.

Invite My Staff - your employee benefits program!

Connect acts as your very own employee benefit program – and is FREE for Victorian Chamber members.

Grant your employees access to the extensive collection of rewards and offers on Connect, and let your staff enjoy the benefits of your membership!

To do this simply add your staff details in the spreadsheet here and return it to and your staff will be given access to the program.

If you require any assistance, please reach out to the membership team by emailing or calling 03 8662 5323.

Although our workplace is a recent addition to the Connect program, I have received so much positive feedback about it.  It’s such a great initiative and our interstate staff are happy to be included to a Victorian program. Movie tickets and stage shows seem to be a popular option and it’s great to be able to offer membership to our staff regardless of location or employment.

Laura Esperanza
Alcohol and Drug Foundation



Your user name is your email address.

Now your profile is set up and you can start saving!

If you require login assistance, please contact the Connect team
Ph: 1300 857 787

Any existing Connect apps do not offer the current range of exclusive offers and discounts. It is therefore best to uninstall the app and follow the new installation steps outlined.

Every organisation has varying restrictions on application downloads on company phones. Please consult your respective IT or Service Desk Team for restriction information and appropriate clearance. Alternatively, simply download the Connect app on your personal device and enjoy!

The Victorian Chamber Connect Member Benefits Program is available to all of your staff within Australia. When making purchases, please ensure you select the correct state (if applicable).