COVID-19 Business Webinar - Cyber Security

This year will be remembered for the COVID-19 crisis, but businesses are increasingly facing the critical threat of cyber security as operating environments change and adapt to the post-pandemic world.

Recent high-profile attacks on Australian companies has brought to light the increasing vulnerability of businesses during coronavirus, which threatens the penetration of networks and access to confidential information more than ever before.

In this Victorian Chamber COVID-19 Business Webinar, Chief Executive Paul Guerra will facilitate a discussion with three well-renowned experts in cyber security. Alastair MacGibbon, Chief Strategy Officer at CyberCX, Eric Eekhof, Cyber security practice lead at Pitcher Partners, and Clare Gleghorn, CEO of Bastion Reputation Management, to discuss how you can protect your business, employees and customers from cybercrime.

As we emerge from the pandemic into a ‘COVID Normal’ world where businesses embrace e-commerce and working from home, it is crucial to remain vigilant on the risk of cyber security. Do not miss this important webinar which will discuss the threats, challenges and opportunities for your business for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.


This session was originally recorded on 1 October 2020.

This information was correct at the time of broadcast. This does not constitute formal legal advice. The Victorian Chamber accepts no liability for actions taken as a result of this broadcast.


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