Glenn Smith

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Consultant

Glenn is a safety leader with over fifteen years’ experience in safety, workers’ compensation, mental health and behavioural change. He blends practical problem solving with new approaches to safety, allowing him to engage all employees and shift company cultures beyond compliance and towards best practice.

He is passionate about integrating safety into daily activities, moving employers away from a ‘blame, shame, and retrain’ view of safety and building employees’ resilience and capacity, using their input and knowledge to make safer systems and culture.
With proven experience across a wide range of fields (e.g., civil and residential construction, food manufacture, major events, working with animals), his flexible approach has allowed him to develop comprehensive WHS management systems the businesses of all sizes and industry types.

He is a fun and engaging person who genuinely enjoys bringing people on a journey through inclusion, real life examples, humour and a sound understanding of what is required to be successful in safety.

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