Vinay Nair

Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant

With a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and over ten years industry experience helping individuals and organisations reach their goals by designing and delivering sustainable training programs in mental health, Vinay believes in the importance of adopting a preventative and systemic approach to workplace mental health and supports organisations effectively identify and respond to complex workplace mental health issues in a practical manner through direct involvement or through educating. Vinay is experienced in undertaking training needs analysis, auditing workplace mental health risks, reviewing and developing mental health policies, providing advice and support on developing and implementing workplace wellbeing programs and proactively promoting good mental health in the workplace.

Vinay has worked with a range of diverse industries and has developed a good understanding of how mental health impacts workplaces and what is needed to get the best outcomes for the individual and the business. He ensures that participants not only have the knowledge but practical skills they can use during their work life. 

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