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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Current restrictions

This page provides details on business restrictions and will be updated as new information about the COVID-19 pandemic becomes available.

Updated 15 July 2022


A summary of important COVID-19 settings is below, as per Victorian State directions from 11.59pm, 12 July 2022. These include updates from 15 December in line with pandemic orders under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act, pre festive season updates, and new year updates.

  • The Minister for Health requests that employers consider working from home arrangements that are most appropriate for their workplace and employees based on individual requirements.
  • Mask wearing in indoor and crowded settings is strongly recommended to protect yourself and the most vulnerable Victorians through winter – but there will not be any changes to current face mask requirements.
  •  Positive cases are still required to isolate for seven days from the day they took their test 
  • Patrons are not required to have two doses or show their vaccination status before entering any venue.
  • Individuals should notify their workplace contacts, in addition to informing their social contacts. 
  • For more information, please refer to the Premier’s Press Releases from 15 December, 23 December, 10 January, 17 February, 22 February and 20 April.

Settings remain:

  • All workplaces still require a COVIDSafe Plan.

Working directive

  • Workplaces exposed to a positive coronavirus case do not need to be deep cleaned, and can check exposure risk at the Victorian Government’s website.
  • Only fully vaccinated workers and visitors (or people with a valid medical exemption) can go on-site. This includes contractors, volunteers, and students on placement.
  • Workplaces must have a COVIDSafe Plan in place and keep records of everyone attending using the Service Victoria app. Additional obligations may apply for some industries.
  • Positive cases who worked while they were infectious are required to notify their workplace.

All businesses are urged to review their employee vaccination requirements.

There are posters and other resources to help you, including posters for checking digital vaccination certificates.

Access member only resources that can help you keep workers safe on site or at home. 


Businesses can call a Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15 for the latest information on the COVID-19 response, how this affects businesses, how to keep their workplace safe and advice on how to plan for emerging situations and anticipate likely developments. Businesses can call the Business Victoria Hotline for the latest information on QR code requirements.

If you need more support contact our Health, Safety and Wellbeing team:

03 8662 5196
Online enquiries

For information and assistance on any aspect of your employment obligations, the Victorian Chamber Workplace Relations Advice Line can help.

03 8662 5222

Industry assistance

For COVIDSafe Plans templates and guides, see below for download links. For further information on employer obligations visit Business Victoria.

The Victorian Chamber is partnering with the Victorian Government to deliver a business mentoring program to help small businesses navigate the economic challenges posed by restrictions to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Click here to view more details about the program.

Government assistance

Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring Program Small Business Mentoring Service Victorian Government Business Officers

Tools and resources

COVID-19 Mental Health Webinars COVID-19 Industrial Relations Webinars COVID-19 Business Webinar with guest Four Pillars


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