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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Safe In Our Hands campaign

The Victorian Chamber is proud to launch Safe In Our Hands, a campaign designed to signal the business community is ready to welcome back customers and clients in a COVIDSafe manner.

Safe In Our Hands campaign

Business is ready and excited to welcome staff and customers back and we are motivated to ensure that we stay open for good.

The Safe In Our Hands campaign shows our business community is doing their bit to make the return to COVID-Normal safe.

These efforts should provide comfort to customers and alleviate anxiety around being out in the community when restrictions permit.



Safe In Our Hands message

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Victorian businesses faced an unprecedented crisis as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe.

We closed our doors. We said goodbye to our customers. We held on. We reopened, and we closed down again, again and again.

We tried everything we could to survive. We also did everything we needed to do to keep the community safe.

And we will continue to keep you safe.

It is time to reopen the doors. It is time to welcome our customers and clients back. It is a new dawn for Victorian businesses.

As we look towards reopening, know that the business community is as committed as ever to your health and safety.

We’ve been through a lot, but we stand ready to do what we love again. You are safe in our hands. 

How to get involved

Safe In Our Hands logoWe want you to help spread the Safe In Our Hands message by getting active on your social and digital channels! Add the Safe In Our Hands logo to your posts, tag the Victorian Chamber alongside the hashtag #safeinourhands and show us your COVIDSafe practices and measures.

You can download the Safe In Our Hands logo here or via the resources section below.


The Victorian Chamber encourages our members and the wider business community to be COVIDSafe, however the Chamber takes no responsibility for individual businesses’ COVIDSafe practices or compliance. Downloading, displaying or participating in the Safe In Our Hands campaign does not amount to compliance or endorsement under any laws, regulations, government directive or health order (Applicable Requirements) and it is your responsibility to make the necessary investigations and assessments to ensure your business is operating in accordance with all Applicable Requirements.


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