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Community Award

This award recognises businesses who have demonstrated and encouraged excellent COVIDSafe practices among or for their customers or the community. This may include a business who has demonstrated best practice COVID-19 safety for customers or are championing COVID-19 safety in the community.

Community Award

Community Award Winners

Congratulations to our Community Award winners. 

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre



Asylum Seeker Resource Centre


While COVID-19 Safety practices such as QR Code check-ins and masks became part of everyday safety, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) had to pivot to a more substantial system to protect the community.

ASRC, a charitable organisation that caters to the needs of Asylum Seekers and Refugees, who are some of the most vulnerable in our community, implemented numerous measures to help protect staff and clients. These included teamwork bubbles with only the core frontline service staff working with strict protocols in place, increased cleaning of the site to three times a day, providing all members who came onsite with masks as well as sanitiser to take home and use when they were out in the community, and changing heating and cooling systems and installing windows in areas with poor ventilation.

ASRC moved to a delivery model for their foodbank to limit the number of people onsite, and also employed bilingual cultural diversity workers and COVID Safety Officers to assist members maintain and follow all COVID-19 safety protocols, help in the vaccination hub, and help members set up vaccine passports.

The education and advice ASRC provided to the community was immense and challenging as there were varied levels of understanding of safety measures required among members. ASRC was able to connect with members through the bilingual cultural diversity workers who had lived experience of COVID-19.

Having a real awareness of COVID Safety and overall OHS processes and procedures enabled the ASRC create and hopefully maintain a positive safety culture, as well as identifying other OHS gaps to focus on in order to create a safer environment for staff, volunteers and members.

Judges’ comments

The judges thought the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre educated and protected asylum seekers on many COVID-19 issues to keep operating a vital service.


Bendigo TAFE and Kangan Institute

Beingo Web


Bendigo Kangan


Bendigo TAFE and Kangan Institute advocated for vaccinations across the community by adapting its current marketing campaign from ‘Heroes’ to ‘Heroes Get Vaxxed’.

The Institute, which collectively delivers 273 qualifications and 43 accredited courses to over 18,000 students, included internal and external signage as well as a social media campaign to target students and the broader community. 

For students and staff who were apprehensive about vaccinations, the Institute in collaboration with the DPV Health and Bendigo Health organised sessions which were attended by 400 staff and students. The sessions focused on debunking the myths associated with vaccinations. Further to this, the Institute also actively promoted all COVID-related events organised by the Hume City Council to all staff and students.

With safety of the community being paramount, the Institute commissioned a comprehensive risk assessment by an external provider (Risk 2 Solutions) for the Broadmeadows campus. The risk assessment was commissioned as an additional control to ensure COVIDSafe practices were well-above industry standard.

Raising awareness of COVID-19 vaccination and its importance has been instrumental in helping the Institute to return to a COVID Normal work and study environment. The learnings from the Risk 2 Solutions risk assessment helped to drive prioritisation of work that needs to be done to safely reactivate campuses.

Across the board there were many staff members and students willing to get involved and help promote COVIDSafe practices. With 1400 staff and over 18,000 students from a range of backgrounds and locations across Victoria, the contribution provided immense awareness of COVID-19 practices to many Victorians all over the state.

Judges’ comments

The judges noted the importance and impact this marketed vaccine promotion had on diverse students and community. They believed it was a strong application which demonstrated community buy-in through harnessing the power of social media and encouraging a community response to a large-scale problem.

Community Award Finalists

Congratulations to our Community Award finalists. 

Access Easy English

Access Easy English


Access Easy English Logo


In a pro-bono capacity, Access Easy English created information about COVID-19 for people with low literacy. The majority of content was developed between March and August 2020, with more than 120 facts sheets and posters created.

The documents were widely used and downloaded by external users across the community. This simple and clear information enabled individuals to share this information meaningfully between family members to participate in conversations about actions they needed to take both individually and as a group, with confidence.

Access Easy English interprets everyday language into simple accessible everyday language supported by images. The benefit to the community is immense and promotes inclusion for those who have low literacy and understanding of complex information or directions.

Judge’s comments

The judges thought Access Easy English’s application was fantastic by translating government material into understandable material quickly for those with low literacy, providing an important service in a time of crisis.

CDC Victoria

Cdc Web


CDC Australia

From the earliest days of the pandemic, safety measures were implemented by CDC Victoria across all depots to promote COVIDSafe practices and encourage continued and confident use of public transport by the public.

CDC Victoria provides bus transport services to the Metropolitan Melbourne, Greater Ballarat, Geelong and Mildura regions and employs over a thousand employees. As an essential service, they operated throughout COVID-19.

All employees, contractors and visitors onsite followed strict COVID-19 protocols including temperature checking, masks, social distancing, cleaning, QR code check-ins and sanitising. With a focus on safety, CDC Victoria was among the first public transport operator to promote COVID-19 vaccine amongst its staff by offering a financial reward to employees, resulting in 70 per cent of staff opting to have the vaccine. 

The contribution resulted in not one single documented case of COVID-19 transmission on any of CDC services with more than 600 buses and coaches providing route and charter services across in excess of 400,000 kilometres per week.

CDC helped the community by also providing employees a voice through which to communicate to their own communities key COVIDSafe messages on internal and external platforms. For example, a CDC driver produced a video encouraging vaccination amongst the Indonesian community which was shared by CDC Victoria on social media and internal employee engagement application, Quick Connect.

CDC Victoria also contributed to public forums designed to promote COVIDSafe practices and vaccinations such as the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation’s health symposium. 

Judges’ comments

The judges thought CDC Victoria was incredibly professional in its response to COVID-19. They observed regional bus services never dropped a service during the pandemic with intense operational detail required.


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