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Is it time to try something new to promote good mental health in your workplace? Positive psychology is a relatively new field which has a different approach to creating a mentally healthy workforce than traditional approaches, with an end goal of helping individuals and organisations to flourish.

Flourishing denotes a high level of mental wellbeing characterised by positive emotions, high levels of engagement, positive relationships, a strong sense of purpose, and feeling accomplished. This psychological approach offers many scientifically validated techniques to not only remain resilient and prevent mental illness, but to also achieve optimal wellbeing.

Renowned workplace psychologist, Jason van Schie will give you practical, evidence-based strategies to help your people flourish.

Key learning outcomes from the session include:

  • Understand the difference between traditional psychology versus positive psychology
  • Learn about the flourishing model of wellbeing
  • Discover various positive psychology methods to improve mental wellbeing at work – and at home

Don’t miss the chance transform your workplace for the better.


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Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Boardroom
150 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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