• Jun 20
    Employee accused of theft and deceit wins unfair dismissal claim

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    The Fair Work Commission (the “Commission”) has ruled an employee’s dismissal to be harsh, unjust and unreasonable as prohibited in s. 387 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cwth).
  • Jun 20
    New guidance on managing workplace mental health

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    Workplace mental health has become a big issue for businesses of all sizes and not only in Australia, but around the world. Business owners, board members, executives and managers at all levels can struggle with workplace mental health as many are unfamiliar with identifying, assessing and...
  • Jun 20
    Dismissal by phone not recommended, but unfair dismissal claim remains unsuccessful

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    Informing an employee of their dismissal in any manner other than a face-to-face meeting has been deemed inappropriate by the Fair Work Commission (the “Commission”). In a recent case, a beauty therapist was informed of her dismissal by phone. Whilst the Commission ultimately rejected...
  • Jun 20
    Local business first Bill means more work for Victorian businesses

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    Victorian businesses are set to benefit from a new Bill introduced into Parliament that will mandate minimum local content on major Victorian projects and the use of local apprentices, trainees and cadets. Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Mark Stone AM welcomed the...
  • Jun 08
    Business community farewells Dr Butlin, Victoria’s Red Tape Commissioner

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    After many productive years working with the business community, Dr Mathew Butlin is finishing his term as Victoria’s Red Tape Commissioner. Dr Butlin has investigated and improved red tape issues for business in transport, building, commercial fishing, food and beverage services, and earth...


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