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Victoria unites in the ‘last step’ of COVID-19 restrictions

Victorians will become one State again as the ‘ring of steel’ is removed from Melbourne and the State unites in the ‘last step’ of the State Government’s Reopening Roadmap.

08 November 2020

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WorkSafe inspectors 'out in force' to monitor Victoria’s reopening

Victoria’s safety regulator has said inspectors will be "out in force" to ensure employers are meeting their health and safety obligations as they reopen workplaces across Victoria.

06 November 2020

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OHS changes, penalties and key cases - what you need to know before going back to work

The disruption that COVID-19 caused to workplaces in 2020 has had widespread implications for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). Here are some of the most significant changes to OHS regulations you should be aware of.

01 November 2020

health safety and wellbeing

Fast Five: How Yarra Trams is staying the course through (and beyond) COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought millions to a standstill, Yarra Trams’ Chief Executive has kept Melbourne moving, and explains why this crisis is “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” for Melbourne.

Fast Five

21 September 2020

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Fast Five: Peter King explains why empathy is vital during COVID-19

From record breaking revenue to closing doors six months later, the MCEC’s Chief Executive reveals why “it is unlikely that we will return to business as we once knew it”.

Fast Five

07 September 2020

health safety and wellbeing

Case study: How the Southern Migrant & Refugee Centre supports positive mental health in the workplace

The Southern Migrant & Refugee Centre has spent over 25 years helping some of the most vulnerable in our community, and also recognises the importance of looking after their own.

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10 August 2020

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