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Have your say on our state’s economic recovery agenda

Over the last 20 months, Victorian Chamber members and the business community have been vocal in their desire to be part of the solution to managing the health and economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

18 November 2021

policy and advocacy

Help shape the future of gender equality in the workplace

The Victorian Chamber is delighted to extend an invitation to our members and clients to participate in a design workshop to help identify innovative and practical education approaches to improve equality in the workplace.

17 November 2021

policy and advocacy

Take our survey and help inform the cost and ease of doing business in Victoria

The Cost of Doing Business in Victoria Taskforce will assist the Victorian Chamber to further develop business-led policy recommendations that grow the competitiveness of Victoria’s economy and prosperity of its people.

19 October 2021


Suburban Rail Loop offering major benefits for Victorians and industry

The Suburban Rail Loop released its Business and Investment Case in August 2021 outlining how it will deliver more jobs, better services, and access to housing as Victoria continues to grow.

12 October 2021

covid 19

Victorian Chamber launches COVID-19 Recovery Roadmap

Victorian business needs certainty and clarity on the plan for our state’s COVID-19 recovery. The Victorian Chamber has formulated a detailed four-phase roadmap to provide that light on the hill for business, workers, the economy and communities.

09 September 2021

policy and advocacy

WorkPac vs Rossato explained: how this decision impacts you

After years of litigation, the High Court of Australia has finally handed down a landmark decision, closing a pathway for casual employees to seek backpay for leave entitlements.

05 August 2021

covid 19

Restart package will help businesses recover from lockdowns

The State and Federal Governments have today announced a joint financial assistance package for Victorian business which will give them the support and confidence they need to rebound from Lockdowns Four and Five.

28 July 2021


Major support package for Victorian businesses announced

On our first day out of lockdown, the Federal and Victorian Governments have announced a further $400 million in business support measures. Here is everything you and your business need to know.

28 July 2021

policy and advocacy

Payroll tax: A handbrake on business and wages growth

Payroll tax is an insidious tax that ultimately manifests as a tax on jobs, which reduces employment opportunities, or a tax on workers incomes, reducing take home pay.

20 July 2021

covid 19

Businesses, workers to receive Lockdown Five support

The Federal and State Governments have united to provide much-needed assistance for Victorian workers and businesses impacted by Lockdown Five.

16 July 2021

covid 19

‘Confidence lost’ as Victoria enters fifth lockdown

The Victorian government has announced the State will once again begin a snap lockdown from 11:59pm on Thursday night following 18 new cases of COVID-19 across Victoria.

15 July 2021

federal government

Discover every government grant for your business with one tool

The VCCI is excited to announce our latest service for our members: Grant Finder. Find every government grant and support available to help you build, grow, and expand your business.

14 July 2021

covid 19

‘This is a race, and we have lost our position as envy of the world’

VCCI Chief Executive Paul Guerra, looks to the future and explains why Victoria “can’t go back to the old ways of doing things” in his address to the Melbourne Press Club.

08 July 2021

covid 19

Expansion of fast-tracked visas to help with skills shortages

The Federal Government has announced an expansion of Australia’s Priority Migration Skilled Occupations List (PMSOL) following a collective advocacy campaign from the business community.

29 June 2021


Business calls for a plan and no more lockdowns

Today’s announcement that restrictions will further ease from 11.59 tomorrow, Thursday 17 June, is welcome news that will enable every Victorian business to operate, but the restrictions on Metropolitan Victoria are still too conservative.

16 June 2021


Eased restrictions welcome but Victorian Chamber calls for a snapback

The Victorian Chamber welcomes today’s news that most Victorian businesses can operate from 11.59pm tomorrow, 10 June, but will continue to advocate for a snapback to pre-lockdown restrictions. Metropolitan Melbourne will go to Regional Victoria’s current settings while Regional Victoria’s restrictions will be eased even further.

09 June 2021

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