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workplace relations

Employee threatened and dismissed after seeking underpayments

A private golf club and its owner are being sued by a former sales representative who alleges she was sacked after requesting back-payment for unpaid commission.

24 May 2022

workplace relations

FWC increases family and domestic violence paid leave

On 16 May 2022 the Fair Work Commission (FWC) handed down a decision as part of its ongoing review of Modern Award entitlements, including in relation to Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) leave.

18 May 2022

workplace relations

Grievance and conflict resolution in the workplace

Workplace investigations can be time-consuming and costly for businesses, especially if the grievance could have been resolved by an informal approach.

17 May 2022

workplace relations

Top tips to ensure your business remains HR compliant

Human resources compliance has been in the spotlight at both a state and federal level. Businesses want to do the right thing but navigating the complex workplace relations system is an ongoing challenge.

11 May 2022

workplace relations

Age discrimination leads to $20,000 payout for employee

A shipping company was ordered to pay $20,000 to a former long-serving chief accountant after the Federal Court found he was subjected to age discrimination

02 May 2022

workplace relations

Victorian Chamber introduces HR Comply for businesses

The Victorian Chamber’s workplace relations advisors and consultants know how much time it can take to grasp compliance. It takes an in-depth and expert understanding of workplace relations and is never a case of set and forget.

19 April 2022

workplace relations

Spotlight on significant award changes in 2022

The four-yearly Fair Work Commission (FWC) review ended in 2020 and included a plethora of changes to many modern awards. Staying up to date is necessary to ensure you remain compliant.

19 April 2022

workplace relations

Managing employee performance and conduct: the disciplinary process

Managing poor performance or conduct requires an effective and careful disciplinary process to enable a business to consider all the relevant issues and determine an appropriate outcome.

12 April 2022


New paid parental leave benefits unveiled in Federal Budget

A federal election is in the air, which means it’s time for business to be on the lookout for policy announcements that might impact their business. Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s Budget speech contained a raft of announcements business needs to consider, including proposed changes to the paid parental leave (PPL) scheme.

31 March 2022

workplace relations

Clear communication protects business in unfair dismissal case

A recent unfair dismissal case involving a security and emergency response service offers valuable insights on how to handle employees who resign during a performance management process.

29 March 2022

education and training

How members benefit from the Victorian Chamber’s support and advocacy

The Victorian Chamber is here for your business. We work closely with our members, stakeholders and government officials to create a better business environment

23 March 2022

workplace relations

COVID-19 booster vaccinations at work – a state of change

While public health orders can be complex and confusing, it is important that employers understand their obligations to remain compliant. The Victorian Chamber can help you make sense of these requirements.

10 March 2022

workplace relations

Employee dismissal deemed unfair due to lack of consultation

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has deemed an employee’s redundancy unfair despite accepting the business no longer had a need for the position. The decision was based on a failure to demonstrate compliance with award obligations.

04 March 2022

workplace relations

How to prepare your workforce to return to the office

Among the many profound impacts COVID-19 has had on our workplaces, the toll the pandemic has taken on the wellbeing of employees is something we are only beginning to grasp as more of us return to the workplace.

01 March 2022

workplace relations

Contract is key: landmark High Court decisions provide clarity

In two landmark decisions, the High Court has indicated a significant shift in focus when determining whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor.

15 February 2022

federal government

Religious Discrimination Bills delayed indefinitely

After much debate the Morrison Government will not continue with legislation that included provisions to make discrimination on the grounds of religious belief or activity unlawful in a range of areas (including employment and education).

14 February 2022

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