News 8 November 2018

Free Mental Health Training and Consulting for Victorian Businesses

The Victorian Chamber is offering free mental health training and consulting to small and medium businesses that employ young workers (under the age of 25) in Victoria. Our Mental Health Essentials program is an important and exciting initiative that will improve the mental health of Victorian employees.

This program, supported by WorkSafe Victoria through the WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund, provides employers with the opportunity to better understand the risks associated with mental health, and improve their workplace practices to prevent harm, educate and support their workforce.

Businesses have a critical role to play in supporting young workers to navigate the challenging early years of transition into the workforce. A positive workplace environment and supportive manager could mean the difference between an employee who thrives and an employee who fails to reach their full potential.  

Delivered by our experts, our Mental Health Essentials training and consulting program will address critical mental health topics for both young workers and their managers and leaders, such as:

  • facts about mental health in Australia
  • recognising early warning signs
  • having a supportive conversation
  • communicating with doctors
  • managing team impact
  • making reasonable adjustments to people’s roles
  • managing performance
  • your legal obligations- understanding how safety, workplace relations, discrimination, workers’ compensation and privacy laws apply to mental health
  • simple, practical steps you can take to provide a mentally healthy workplace.

Mental Health Essentials reinforces the Victorian Chamber’s extensive work with young people, including our Supporting Young Workers Program and our long-standing relationship with Apprenticeship Support Australia. It also builds on our history of delivering WorkSafe’s OHS Essentials program.

We are very excited to be making a positive difference to the Victorian community through this important initiative. For more information about the program, eligibility and how to register, visit or contact us on 03 8662 5333 or at  

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