Media Release 15 January 2021

Australian Open the beacon of light for the future of Melbourne events

There has been a lot of commentary around this week about the Australian Open 2021 proceeding and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry would like to voice our support.

With nine consecutive days of zero cases of COVID-19 community transmission, hotel quarantine and the contact tracing system working well, it is appropriate for Victoria to take steps to resume its position as the major events capital of Australia.

The Australian Open injected $387.7 million into the Victorian economy in 2020 and is of enormous benefit to both the visitor economy and our global reputation.

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has consistently advocated for the return of major events as Victoria’s economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Australian Open provides an international signal that Victoria is on the path to recovery. The visitor economy, in particular, needs the boost that comes from hosting this major event, after a devastating 2020.

In our State Budget Submission, we stated: “The important connection between liveability and economic recovery means policy makers must support the efforts of industry to regain our reputation and competitive position.”

We were firm in our view that players coming in from overseas must quarantine and are pleased that is occurring.

To be attributed to Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Acting Chief Executive Dugald Murray:

Victoria must arrest the economic fallout caused by COVID-19 and reclaim its global reputation to propel us into a new era of prosperity and jobs growth.

“The Victorian Chamber congratulates Tennis Australia, the State Government and Melbourne Olympic Parks Trust for the pragmatic and responsible approach they have taken to ensure that this key global event can proceed. Let’s keep finding innovative ways to make things happen in a COVIDSafe way.

The flow on effects for our visitor economy, and global reputation, are enormous and a welcome boost for Victorian businesses and workers that have done it so hard throughout COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

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