Payroll tax can act as a deterrent for employers to expand their business.
News 14 January 2021

Have your say and shape the future of payroll tax in Australia

VCCI is seeking your assistance to better inform the public debate over the need for payroll tax reform in Australia by participating in the Payroll Tax on Australian Business Survey.

The survey will provide data and evidence necessary to paint a clear picture of the financial impact of payroll tax on businesses and the broader economy.

Payroll tax can act as a deterrent for employers to expand their business operations and increase wages and employment. Businesses in metropolitan Melbourne have been especially disadvantaged with one of the highest rates of payroll tax across the country.

This survey is part of a broader campaign by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and its network of state chambers to raise awareness of the burden of payroll tax on Australian business and the broader economy. The campaign, which will span throughout 2021, aims to bring about reforms that improve the efficiency of payroll tax by reducing the administrative and compliance cost across the states and territories.

To take part in the five-minute survey and have your voice heard, click the link below:

Survey of the Impact of
Payroll Tax on Businesses

Once you have completed the survey, we will be working with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to provide feedback to the Government.

Thank you for your assistance and support.

Help and support for your business

The Victorian Chamber has been advocating on behalf of business for reducing the cost and complexity of doing business through tax reform, such as payroll tax. Throughout 2021, we will continue to advocate for support that makes it easier to do business.

If you would like to share your feedback with the Chamber or would like to provide input through the Victorian Chamber, please contact the Policy and Advocacy team at

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