The Partners in Wellbeing program also offers financial counselling and business advisory services.
News 8 April 2021

Partners in wellbeing: Supporting Victorian businesses in hard times

In partnership with the VCCI, the Partners in Wellbeing program offers free, confidential counselling to businesses who have been heavily impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented disruption to businesses in 2020 and continues to wreak havoc on supply chains today. Not only have the profitability of businesses been tarnished, but also to the lives of owners, staff and families.

Many business owners have felt overwhelmed and hopeless as they continue to endure the conditions and adapt to the new environment we find ourselves in.

The Victorian Chamber’s dedicated Mental Health Clinician/Consultant, Gerard Tan, is available for one-on-one phone-based coaching to help talk through the stress factors and provide practical support and guidance.

Gerard is an accredited social worker with over 20 years of experience in family services and community mental health settings, working with individuals, couples and families.

The Partners in Wellbeing program also offers financial counselling and business advisory services.

If your mental health and wellbeing has been impacted by the ongoing pandemic, we encourage you to utilise the Partners in Wellbeing program. You are also encouraged to refer anyone in your business or social network who you feel may benefit.

To find a more information about the program and register your interest, visit our dedicated webpage here

Partners in Wellbeing is delivered by three community organisations - ACSO, EACH, and Neami National – and funded by the Victorian Government. Please note that Partners in Wellbeing is not a crisis service. For urgent assistance, please call Lifeline Australia at 131114, or emergency services at 000.

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