News 10 June 2021

VCCI helping businesses get workers' compensation back on track

Managing workers’ compensation can be a challenging task, for both experienced practitioners and newcomers alike, which is why so many businesses turn to the Victorian Chamber for support.

Deeply technical, highly emotional, it’s no surprise that businesses drop the ball from time to time and end up with spiraling premiums and impaired productivity.

A medium-size not-for-profit business found themselves in exactly this situation and contacted the Victorian Chamber to see what assistance they could receive to get their workers’ compensation back under control.

What went wrong?

The business had experienced a series of high-cost stress and occupational violence claims. While the business administered payments and entitlements accurately, their management team lacked expertise in driving successful return to work outcomes.

Many injured workers who were completely off work wished to return in some capacity, but the business was often unable to identify suitable return to work options, leading to increased time off work and high claim costs.

The leadership team also lacked awareness of how poor return to work outcomes lead to increased premium costs and were failing to approach return to work management and injury prevention with a sense of urgency.

Support for business

After the business contacted the Victorian Chamber’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing team, our experts provided the business with a cultural change program that included:

  • Workers’ compensation premium analysis and insights provided to the senior leadership team, highlighting which business areas and claim categories generated the highest proportion of premium costs.
  • Training for managers at all levels to understand the workers’ compensation system and how their return-to-work decisions lead directly to better financial outcomes for the business.
  • A customised safety leadership program, focusing on the key areas of risk that were generating the majority of high-cost claims, and;
  • Assistance for the business (through their Agent) to resolve ‘stuck claims’, where the business had previously been unable to achieve a return to work despite repeated attempts.

If your business is struggling to get workers’ compensation under control, please contact our Health, Safety and Wellbeing team on 03 8662 5196 or at to talk about how we can help your business.

We are here to help. 

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