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A plan for a brighter future

With a new Premier and Deputy, it’s a new dawn in Victoria. The business community is ready to play our part for the future we all aspire to. 


The call for change in Victoria echoes loudly in the domains of housing, transportation, energy, regional development, events and tourism.  


The private and public sector must collaborate to map out our future and design the destiny of our State. Let’s call it ‘Victoria’s Transformation Agenda’.  


Our Transformation Agenda needs to focus on productivity and future-proofing Victoria’s goal to be the best place to live, work and do business. 


Planning for, and building, the infrastructure we will need in 2030 and beyond will make Victoria a better place to live and work.   


We need to drive down the debt, but not at the cost of future investment, while balancing risk with reward.  


We must embrace higher-density housing and communal living spaces with accessible transport and digital connectivity. Government-backed private sector investment in Build-to-Rent schemes can offer attractive opportunities for reliable returns. The strategic location of new housing precincts must consider existing and planned public transport infrastructure. 


The future of transportation requires foresight, just as the founders of Melbourne's Hoddle Grid envisioned a city that could adapt to evolving modes of travel. Public transport options must be integrated into urban planning, addressing the need for more and better rail connectivity. Fast trains connecting distant parts of the State would boost our quality of life, while an airport rail could be a crucial addition. 


Addressing the state of regional roads is equally essential for safety and accessibility and freight transportation via rail should also be prioritised to reduce the hulking volume of trucks on the road. 


Achieving net-zero emissions is an ambitious goal. Securing reliable energy generation and addressing raw material availability challenges are key concerns. Building renewable energy infrastructure, battery grids and retrofitting existing buildings for energy efficiency can be pivotal in achieving this transition. 


Equity is paramount in Regional Victoria, where communities face unique challenges. Equal access to healthcare, education, digital connectivity and infrastructure must be guaranteed. The focus should be on providing opportunities to foster development in regional areas. 


Victoria's success in attracting world-class events and tourists hinges on our ability to provide top-tier facilities. Investments in venues like the MCG and the Melbourne Arts Precinct, along with innovative tourism experiences, can ensure the State stays ahead as a destination of choice. 


This transformational agenda isn’t a one-off project - it's a continuous process of adaptation and improvement, demanding collaboration, innovative solutions and sustained efforts from government, private sector and the community.  


This won't be easy, but it is essential. Debt must be addressed, and a continuous eye to future must be ever present. Together, Victorians can plant the seeds of progress for generations to come. 


This article originally appeared in the Herald Sun on Friday 29 September 2023.

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