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Adapting to the modern workplace to lead with impact

20 February 2024

As traditional ideas of work continue to be challenged in a post-pandemic world, a Victorian Chamber webinar will address the evolving role of a workplace leader.


In partnership with renowned leadership consultancy Lysander, the Victorian Chamber’s Leading with Impact webinar on 27 February will address how leaders can help create a psychologically safe workplace that serves as a bedrock for innovation and growth, ensuring that leadership styles are not only aligned with organisational goals but are also conducive to fostering environments where excellence thrives.

The changing workplace

Research shows “workplace flexibility is reshaping how we approach our professional lives, including work hours, location and job structure. It’s a key factor in attracting and retaining talented employees, enhancing employee satisfaction, and fostering a more inclusive and diverse work environment”.

Janet McCulloch

At the same time, the pursuit of productivity and revenue never ceases, which means the cornerstone of organisational success lies in the hands of its leaders.

Our upcoming webinar will dive into the heart of modern leadership challenges, exploring how the development of effective, impactful leaders is intrinsically linked to an organisation’s prosperity.

Webinar speaker will be Lysander Strategic Consultant Janet McCulloch, who brings more than 15 years’ experience consulting to Australian and global businesses.

“Leadership is both a privilege and a huge responsibility and there’s no perfect formula. A leader needs the time and space to determine for themselves who they are as a leader: to spend time developing their own leadership unique practice. This means building self-awareness, identifying and drawing on their strengths and fine-tuning their skills,” she said.

“Contemporary leadership is made up of both the art of being a good human being coupled with the techniques of influence, masterful communication and the social intelligence to know how to get the best from a team.”


Join us to learn how transforming leadership challenges into opportunities for development can lead your organisation to achieve increased productivity and revenue, all while maintaining a positive and impactful leadership approach.

Participants will gain insights into the key competencies essential for today’s leaders, including:

  • Authentic communication
  • Fostering a growth mindset
  • Exercising managerial courage
  • Driving engagement and participation

Ms McCulloch said: “The responsibility of leadership in the contemporary environment has become even more challenging as many leaders are finding themselves needing to lead teams in a hybrid environment; finding the balance between adapting to individual needs of team members and meeting the performance objectives of the organisation.

“As society becomes more informed about what they believe good leadership looks like, the expectations of what work is has increased the needs for leaders to be consultative, compassionate, fair and courageously authentic.

“A leader needs to be able to have conversations that help another party understand that they are important, valued and cared for and that the need to meet the expectations of their work role.”

Held on 27 February from 9:30am to 10am, this webinar is an investment in learning how to develop the kind of leaders who don’t just lead but inspire and propel their organisations toward a future defined by excellence.

More information and registration is available via the Leading with Impact Webinar page.

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