Become a better leader in your workplace

21 April 2022

In today’s rapidly evolving work environment, businesses need to foster a resilient workplace through effective and resourceful leadership. Take your leadership skills to the next level with the Victorian Chamber’s extensive catalogue of training courses.


Becoming a better leader is just one of more than 700 short training courses, webinars and nationally recognised diplomas and certificates the Victorian Chamber helps deliver to business across the state each year.

Designed by industry experts, our practical coursework gives you the opportunity to implement the learnings in your current job with assessment tasks based around the work environment.

Here are some of our training recommendations to take your management and leadership to the next level.

From Manager to Leader

As a team leader, your decisions and actions have an enormous impact on business outcomes and the people you work with. This course will guide you on how to optimise your strategic leadership success and inspire others to achieve better results.

The program is designed to increase your knowledge of contemporary leadership theories and their practical applications, strategies to empower, engage and align your team, build trust with your team, the importance of self-leadership, lead with confidence and humility as well as lead and manage change, and ensuring you are leading people through the change process accordingly.

The course runs over two days and is suited to anyone with experience in a management or leadership position. Taking a structured approach to management, the program is designed to foster contemporary leadership capabilities.

Diploma of Leadership and Management

The best managers and leaders are those who can engage and motivate employees and bring out the very best of them to make your business more productive.

Our Diploma of Leadership and Management will help you join this cohort of emerging leaders by demonstrating how to stand out as a proactive and innovative contributor, consistently achieve important goals, develop an effective and efficient team-oriented environment, achieve greater strategic outcomes and improve your bottom line.

You will learn leading theoretical frameworks and industry-best practises to allow you to integrate your knowledge directly to your workplace.

The Effective New Manager

Leadership is based on trust. People in leadership positions need to learn how to gain new skills and transition from their technical and hands-on work, to managing and leading others to achieve their objectives.

This program will guide you to understand your style, role and relationships in the workplace, and how it impacts the effectiveness of your team.

Your knowledge will increase in areas such as your personal leadership style, how to set team goals, and delegate effectively, strategies to communicate well, motivate your team, give feedback and address performance issues, make confident decisions and problem solve.

Our two-day interactive course is ideal for newly promoted managers looking to enhance their leadership skills and those who are responsible for achieving results through the leadership of others.

Managing Team Effectiveness

Are you a new manager? Do you need to pull a new team together? Could your team leadership skills could do with a refresher?

Whatever your team challenge, this course will equip you with the core skills and knowledge needed to lead teams effectively and to actively engage with the management of the organisation.

Managers will learn to instil a high-performance mindset while facilitating effective teamwork, collaboration and communication in order to achieve the business targets and objectives.

This course is designed to establish a team performance plan, develop and facilitate team cohesion, facilitate teamwork, establish and maintain effective communication processes with all stakeholders. It is suitable for anyone wanting to develop new skills and those at managerial levels who aim to build a positive culture within their teams.

More Information

The Victorian Chamber’s customised and onsite training, nationally recognised vocational training and self-paced learning is designed to enhance the skills of employers and employees spanning all sectors. Choose from categories including:

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