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Best training courses to upskill in 2024

31 January 2024

To grow your team or individually, the Victorian Chamber has a range of training options to help the workforce of today and the future.


The Victorian Chamber is committed to providing excellence in our learning and development services, delivering hundreds of short courses, diplomas, certificates, briefings and webinars to businesses of all sectors across the state each year.

Our training is:

  • Facilitated by experienced subject matter experts
  • Practical, interactive and outcome focused
  • Customisable for your workplace
  • Held at our facilities, remotely or at your workplace.

The Victorian Chamber knows every business has different requirements when it comes to training, so we offer a range of flexible learning options to ensure every business and individual has the chance to thrive. Designed by our industry experts, our training is distinguished through digital certification badges for remote and in-person courses.

With the cost of living and doing business high in 2024, upskilling is a great option for improved staff retention and personal development.

Our five most popular, and top trending courses, include:

Most popular courses

  1. Mental Health First Aid: Become an accredited Mental Health First Aider and learn how to provide initial support to those who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis – invaluable in and out of the workplace.
  2. Day to Day Management and Supervision of Staff: This course will turn you into a leader who can inspire, influence and help your employees to achieve their full potential in a fast-paced business environment.
  3. HSR Initial OHS Training Course: This WorkSafe-approved course for Health and Safety Representatives will give you the knowledge and practical skills to deal effectively with OHS issues.
  4. OHS Masterclass: The OHS Masterclass is the Victorian Chamber’s flagship, two-day, safety training program providing a comprehensive overview of safety management in the modern workplace from both a practical and theoretical perspective.
  5. Successfully Managing EO, Bullying and Diversity in the Workplace - Manager Session: Should an issue of concern arise or a complaint be made, you must be able to manage it through either an informal or formal approach. This course gives you the knowledge to successfully manage both scenarios, and use early intervention to stop issues arising.

Top trending courses

  1. Leadership Mindset for Today’s Dynamic World: Take your leadership skills to a new level by adapting and changing your mindset to become a new-age leader in today’s dynamic world.
  2. Emerging Leader: Many aspiring leaders struggle to balance their technical expertise with the soft skills required to lead and inspire their teams effectively. This dynamic and multifaceted leadership development program empowers aspiring leaders to achieve excellence.
  3. The Art of Sales: A Masterclass in Performance: Want to understand the key insights, tools and strategy needed to expand your business’s growth? This program is designed to help business leaders understand issues with accountability and productivity within their sales processes and how they can improve them.
  4. Effective Workplace Communication: Inspire trust and confidence with communication skills to impact your bottom line. Choosing the right words, listening attentively and communicating your message effectively are the skills this course will develop.
  5. Presenting with Impact: This interactive workshop will give you the skills and knowledge to deliver presentations that are persuasive and successful. You will learn how to plan your presentation, especially when time with your audience is limited, select and use presentation aids effectively, and manage your nerves in order to deliver with confidence and purpose.

More help

As a registered training organisation and respected short course provider to members, the Victorian Chamber helps businesses looking to upskill their workforce or professionals looking to take the next step in their careers.

Are you looking to train a group of staff members at your workplace? Our experts can come to you at a time and date suitable to your team. Enquire now.

Memberships for wherever you are in business

Hard times. Good times. Crunch time. Growth time. We’re here to support you at all those pivotal times in your business life. We’ve now tailored our range of memberships to fit wherever you are in business – today and well into the future.

Memberships for wherever you are in business

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