Business Mentoring Program: Hastings Ostrich Farms working on the business, not for the business

Michael Hastings, founder of Hastings Ostrich Farms, operates one of Australia’s few breeding farms of ostriches. While his business may be unique, he faces a common problem.


Located in Victoria’s Otway region, Hastings Ostrich Farms has faced a problem many producers have been confronted with during the COVID-19 pandemic: while the business has avoided being directly impacted by COVID-19, its suppliers and customers haven’t been so lucky – decimating production and sales.  

Instead of passively accepting their predicament, Michael Hastings got on the front foot and took part in the Victorian Chamber’s Business Mentoring Program, which we are running in collaboration with the Victorian Government, and was partnered with SED Regional Advisory’s manager, Clive Pinniger.  

Together, they identified opportunities within the business and mapped a gameplan to seize them. 

Business recovery and resilience mentoring  

Do you own a small business in Victoria? Whether you have had to survive extended periods of lockdown, restructure your workforce, or completely change your business model, the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly raised difficult decisions for your business.  

In partnership with the Victorian Government, the Victorian Chamber is running a free business mentoring program designed to provide help, guidance and support for your business.  

Eligible business owners can receive up to four two-hour sessions with a mentor who will help them make informed decisions about the future of their business.  

For more information about the program and to apply, visit our webpage here.

FREE Mentoring for small business

Eligible business owners can receive up to four 2-hour sessions with a mentor with our business recovery and resilience mentoring.

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