Business Mentoring Program: helping Victorian businesses identify opportunities for growth

L-R: Business mentor Robbie Carter and Dog&Boy founder Sonya Michele.

Being in small business is a constant process of learning and development. With the help of her mentor, Dog&Boy founder Sonya Michele is now looking to grow her small business.


Robbie Carter – an accredited business coach with 25 years of international experience in retail and wholesale – met with Sonya to guide her business not only through the COVID-19 pandemic, but objectively identify the failings and opportunities that lie in the business. 

Business recovery and resilience mentoring 

Do you own a small business in Victoria? Whether you have had to survive extended periods of lockdown, restructure your workforce, or completely change your business model, the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly raised difficult decisions for your business. 

In partnership with the Victorian Government, the Victorian Chamber is running a free business mentoring program designed to provide help, guidance and support for your business. 

Eligible business owners can receive up to four 2-hour sessions with a mentor who will help them make informed decisions about the future of their business. 

For more information about the program and to apply, visit our webpage here

FREE Mentoring for small business

Eligible business owners can receive up to four 2-hour sessions with a mentor with our business recovery and resilience mentoring.

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