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Business Voice: Lessons of leadership

In Episode Four, Series Two of Business Voice, Chamber Chief Executive Paul Guerra offers his insight on effective leadership strategies, team management and how to promote a positive workplace culture.


Business Voice is the Victorian Chamber’s podcast for Australian business. When business does well, Australia does well.

In our second season we take a broader view of the industries, issues and individuals that make Victoria tick.

In this episode Mr Guerra looks back at his career – from graduating as an electronic engineer, to moving into sales at Motorola while working as a car park attendant at VFL Park on weekends, to his current role – and reveals how exposure to different leadership styles has shaped his own approach.

Mr Guerra discusses his fundamentals around decision making, learning from mistakes, workplace culture and values, and the future of leadership.

“I would consider myself more of a growth orientated leader. That means I look to find ways to grow the business, grow the top line, grow the revenue, grow the contribution line more than what I would classify myself as a cost cutting leader,” he says.

“My view is if you invest in people, if you invest in product and you invest in your customers, you’ve got a greater chance of growing the business by virtue of that rather than cutting back on all of the ancillary things that an organisation has.

“It’s much more fun to work in and I think you then create an opportunity where you’re bringing everybody in … and helping them to contribute in a way that they can.”

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. A full list of episodes is also available on the Victorian Chamber’s Business Voice page.

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