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Business Voice: Now and beyond for Victorian business

Episode Three, Series Two of the Victorian Chamber’s Business Voice podcast focuses on the current health and standing of Victoria's business community and where we can expect to head in the future.


Business Voice is the Victorian Chamber’s podcast for Australian business. When business does well, Australia does well.

In our second season we take a broader view of the industries, issues and individuals that make Victoria tick.

Pre-Covid, Australia experienced around 26 years in a row of economic growth, “so we were very much used to just getting on with things and enjoying the benefits of it,” Victorian Chamber Chief Executive Paul Guerra says in this episode.

Then the pandemic struck, following by global conflicts and economic uncertainties – inflation, interest rates and record debt levels.

But despite a perception that Victoria is one of the most difficult places to do business, with a new Premier at the helm and a resilient business community, there is always scope for opportunity.

“You don’t have to read too much into the newspapers of the day to work out that we’re in for challenging times,” Mr Guerra says.

“[But] in terms of businesses leaving the state, I’ve not heard of one. We end up in this emotional conversation around Victoria being heavily taxed – and it is – and being harder to do business, and I think that’s more of a perception of it.

“But there’s no question we need a more friendly business environment here and that’s something that I talk to the State [Government] about every day.

“I don’t want to see businesses leave Victoria because without a healthy business sector it’s hard to have a healthy community. That’s the fundamental of what we’re trying to do here – get the business sector to be healthy because we know there’s a direct benefit back to the community.”

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. A full list of episodes is also available on the Victorian Chamber’s Business Voice page.

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