COVID-19 vaccine policies for business: a guide for employers

As debate swells around the role the workplace plays in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, businesses have vastly more questions than answers. Here is everything you need to know.


In partnership with the Australian Chamber of Commerce, we are providing a free guide for employers to help navigate the complexities and legalities of COVID-19 vaccination policies in the workplace.

Providing clarity for employers across all sectors during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Workplace Employer Guide will help businesses understand their obligations and limitations in an ever-changing landscape.


Download your free copy of the COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Workplace Employer Guide here


While this guide will be regularly updated as the situation evolves, this first edition covers vital topics, including: 

  • Communicating with employees 
  • Assisting employees to get vaccinated 
  • Considerations for workplace Health and Safety Laws  
  • Vaccines and privacy law 
  • Ongoing workplace health and safety 

The Victorian Chamber recently asked more than 1,500 Victorian businesses of varying sizes and across all sectors if COVID-19 vaccinations should be mandatory in the workplace. Click here to view our article explaining the results of our survey. 

How the Victorian Chamber can help   

Our experienced Workplace Relations Consultants can assist you with drafting and reviewing workplace policies to ensure they are compliant with the relevant legislation.  

For assistance and guidance on any aspect of your employment obligations, please call the Victorian Chamber Workplace Relations Advice Line on (03) 8662 5222.  

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