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Cyber breaches and their consequences

A recent cyber breach at Nissan has brought to light the multifaceted impacts of cybersecurity incidents in today's interconnected business world.


This article was originally published by Melbourne Chamber member Zynet and reflects the author’s views.

The recent cyber breach at Nissan targeted its operations in Australia and New Zealand. This incident affected Nissan Oceania, leading to a compromise of personal customer data.

Nissan deployed its global response team to assess the breach.

Scale of risk

While Nissan has the resources for comprehensive cybersecurity measures, small businesses often lack these robust defences.

The absence of extensive cybersecurity infrastructure and limited access to specialised incident response teams place small businesses at an increased risk. In the event of a cyber breach, they face a heightened threat of operational disruption and financial hardship.

The impact is further amplified by their smaller budget and limited resources, making it challenging to recover from a significant cyber incident. This situation underscores the critical need for small and medium enterprises to prioritise cybersecurity readiness to safeguard their business operations.

Long-term implications

The aftermath of a cyber breach extends beyond immediate damage control. There are long-term financial and reputational costs to consider.

This includes potential legal ramifications, increased insurance premiums, and ongoing investments in cybersecurity. The destruction of customer trust and loyalty can lead to a tangible decline in market share.


The Nissan cyber breach is a wake-up call for businesses to reassess and fortify their cybersecurity strategies. Zynet recommends a proactive approach, encompassing regular cyber security assessments, employee training, and the establishment of a security-first culture.

For our partners and their members, we emphasise the importance of vigilance and preparedness in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

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