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Future in focus through improved career services

Following extensive consultation with members and stakeholders, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released its Careers Services Policy Paper, entitled “Boosting Business with Career Services”. It puts forward 29 recommendations that would improve the future of careers services, both in Victoria and Australia-wide.


These recommendations centre on increasing exposure to the workplace; making it easier for employers to provide employment and workplace experiences; streamlining communication and administration in a place-based manner; and building capability of schools, employers and employees.

According to a recent Victorian Chamber survey of members, 94 per cent of respondents believe that career services are important. The current lack of adequate career services is having significant impacts on the labour market, decreasing productivity, and leading to an ineffective allocation of labour. Robust career services are paramount for Australia to maintain a foster a skilled workforce and navigate the ever-changing dynamics of the global economy industry requires.

The Paper’s recommendations include:

  • Establish a Local Careers Development Fund to enable a place-based approach to careers development activities and current, successful place- based careers development activities to be scaled up and replicated. Ensure employers and business groups can access this Fund.
  • Establish subsides or tax incentives to employers who provide work experience and internships.
  • Ensure the Victorian Department of Education keeps Career Education Funding separate from schools’ global budgets and that the funding is utilised solely on career development services.
  • Include careers development in school curriculums from Year 7 by inserting one career education subject in the curriculum as a compulsory unit of work.

To be attributed to Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Paul Guerra:

“In a rapidly evolving job market and educational environment, it is essential that our careers services keep pace. This policy paper is the result of extensive research, collaboration, and innovation, in response to our members telling us how important careers services are. It outlines a comprehensive strategy to revolutionise careers services, ensuring that every Australian can access the support they need to thrive in the workforce of tomorrow.

“It’s an area that impacts the pipeline of staff and business and we hope that this the beginning of a significant leap forward in enhancing the future of careers services, not only in Victoria but across Australia.

“By actioning the recommendations identified, we believe it will not only empower individuals to pursue their dreams but also strengthen the workforce, boost the economy, and ensure a brighter future for our nation, building a stronger, more resilient, and inclusive Australia.”

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