Applications now open for the Victorian Global Gateway Program

In response to the chaos the COVID-19 pandemic has caused on global import and export markets, established Victorian exporters can receive a one-off grant worth up to $50,000.


As part of the $15.7 million Export Recovery Package launched by the Andrews Government, applications are now open for Victorian businesses to access a one-off grant to support their recovery and engage professional service providers to deliver special projects.

By supporting Victorian businesses that play a critical role in the State’s export economy, the Global Gateway Program aims to help established Victorian exporters stabilise and maintain their export base and adapt their business models as part of their recovery.

The ‘project activities’ that the grant funding will be able to facilitate can include any number of services, including marketing and promotion, assisting market access or accessing intelligence.

As part of each grant, eligible businesses will be required to make a minimum co-contribution on a 20:80 basis to their desired project. For example, if the total project cost was $62,500 (excluding GST), the minimum cash co-contribution would be $12,500 and the grant amount would be $50,000.

If the desired project for the businesses was to exceed a total cost of $62,500, the grant would remain capped at $50,000 and the business would pay any further expenses.

Though an eligible business will be able to use the grant funding on multiple services and service providers as part of one major project, the $50,000 grant will only be allowed to be claimed once per business.

Applications for the grant are open until 11:59pm on 17 January 2021, so make sure to get your application in as soon as possible. Grants for successful applicants are expected to commence in February/March 2021.

For more information on the Global Gateway Program and to submit your application, visit the Global Victoria website here.

The Victorian Chamber is your local resource for growing a global business. We have strong connections in Asian markets and have helped many business access new opportunities. Contact us to see how this grant can be used and to access our services.

Key details and criteria

For a business to be eligible for the Global Gateway program, each business must be considered an established exporter – defined as a business that has achieved a minimum export revenue of $2 million per annum in either the 2018-19 or 2019-20 financial year.

If the business is successful in qualifying for funding, projects must be completed within six months of the signing of the grant agreement.

Also, as part of the eligibility criteria, a business must produce a project plan which includes the following details:

  • Project description
  • Preferred service provider(s)
  • Brief implementation timeline
  • Internal resources allocated to the project
  • Budget summary (showing where grant funds are to be spent on eligible expenditure)

The business must demonstrate in their project plan that the purpose of the funding is for special projects – not routine business operations such as bookkeeping or accounting services.

For the full list of ineligible expenditures, refer to the program guidelines.

Businesses that receive grant funding will be required to report on the outcomes of their selected project and contribute to the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DPRJ) for the evaluation of the program.

Successful applicants will also be subject to an audit by the Victorian Government along with its representatives. Businesses who receive the funding will also be required to produce supporting evidence at the request of the Victorian Government for a period of four years after the grant has been provided.

How we can help

Our international trade professionals lead businesses through some of their most complex, and exciting stages of growth. Visit the VCCI’s International Services page to find out why we are the ideal partner to expand and accelerate your business internationally.

For more information on doing business and expanding your presence throughout Asia, contact our International Business Development Manager, Eddie Zhao, here.

The Victorian Chamber has been advocating on behalf of business for support and assistance programs such as the Global Gateway Program. As businesses that were hit hard by COVID-19 begin to rebuild, we will continue to advocate for policies and programs that support the recovery and growth of Victorian businesses.

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