Hydrogen refuelling investment a positive step for energy transition

The Victorian Chamber welcomes today’s announcement of a landmark collaboration between State Governments to decarbonise logistics along the eastern seaboard.


The Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland governments announced joint funding to establish a renewable hydrogen refuelling network for heavy trucks.

The state-led project to decarbonise logistics along the eastern seaboard will start with a combined $20 million investment by Victoria and NSW to establish four hydrogen stations along the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne by 2026.

Victorian Government image of the state's hydrogen refuelling network

With transport accounting for 25 per cent of Victoria’s total carbon footprint and heavy vehicles in the ‘hard-to-abate’ category, the Victorian Government is fostering the right environment for innovative solutions to the energy transition challenge. Importantly, this will provide incentives to business and industry to change fuel sources.

Hydrogen will play a crucial role in reducing emissions in Australia and the Victorian Chamber believes that creating reliable domestic sources of clean hydrogen is a critical, underexplored need for Australia’s energy market.

In both our State and Federal Budget submissions, the Victorian Chamber called for subsidies for heavy vehicles transitioning to hydrogen as a fuel source to ensure industry does not bear the cost, while also encouraging industry to transition.

Victorian Chamber Chief Executive Paul Guerra said, “This is the type of collaboration and support that the Victorian Chamber has been advocating for and that will ensure high-emitting industries are supported and incentivised to reduce their emissions in a sustainable way.

“It will further develop Victoria’s capability and leadership in clean energy technology, a key concern for our members and for Victorians.

“The Hume Hydrogen Highway will create jobs and investment in regional Victoria, particularly the Hume region.

“Investing in regional hydrogen infrastructure will encourage local hydrogen economies and hubs, bring skills and jobs and prepare industry for investment in the long-term.”

Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said, “The renewable hydrogen highway will create new jobs, drive investment across the east coast and is a landmark step towards meeting Victoria’s target to reach net-zero by 2050.”

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