Lockdown extended: Victoria’s business crisis continues

Victorian businesses are devastated by the news that Metropolitan Victoria’s lockdown will be extended indefinitely.


The State Government today announced that playgrounds will reopen, and in-home childcare can resume from 11.59pm on Thursday, 2 September. The State Government will consider further easing of restrictions for Metropolitan Victoria once we hit 70 per cent of first dose vaccinations, around 23 September. At that time, the construction, real estate, and fitness industries may see some slight easing, but the majority of businesses will remain cut off from their customers and staff. 

The Premier flagged some positive news for Regional Victoria in coming days. 

 But sadly, for business there is no real reprieve until late October at best. 

To be attributed to Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Paul Guerra: 

“Victorian businesses are absolutely shattered today. We asked for a plan, a roadmap, ambition and hope. Instead, we got confirmation that most Victorian businesses will remain unable to trade for the foreseeable future. 

“Businesses and staff feel like they are on a COVID-19 treadmill with no destination. We need a plan to get business open again. We need to ramp up vaccinations to get us to that 70 per cent first dose quicker. We need to get our fair share of Pfizer vaccines to help get to NSW’s level of vaccination because we are 11 per cent behind them on first doses. 

“The business crisis, mental health crisis, education crisis, the staff crisis - they are all layering on top of each other – it’s become a crisis lasagne and we still don’t have any way out.  

“The business community stands ready to help and the public health team need to engage with business so that they have a greater appreciation of our perspective. 

“Victorian business needs certainty and clarity on the roadmap out of lockdown, similar to the guidance the State Government provided in 2020. Business is ready and willing to work with government to ensure that the best outcomes for the economy and community can be achieved.” 

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